Turf insider September 2015

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Round winners[edit]

For us in Northern Europe, summer finally arrived in August. It wasn't the warmest summer but it was pleasant, and to be hoenst, that is pretty much the best weather for outdoor activities, like Turf! The three turfers that took that more than literally were Tturf at third place who gathered 679 805 points, gilla at second place with 879 097 points, and finally xaldin6497 at first place who passed the one million barrier with 1 090 482 points! Congratulations!

turfgame.com hacked[edit]

Yup, it's true. Our website was hacked and they got hold of usernames and e-mail addresses. Fortunately, the developers had the passwords heavily encrypted but even though that is the case, the developers want to be extra cautious and want you to change your password on the website turfgame.com.

Turf Aid[edit]

Now, back to some good news. It's time for the second Turf Aid! This time the money raised in September will go to Save the Children. For those of you who don't know what this is, simply put you can participate in two ways. The first way is to turf like crazy, or just chill out and take zones in your own pace, but the more zones that are taken, the more money will be raised. The second way you can participate is by becoming a contributor. So far there are a handfull of turfers who will give a certain amount of money for every zone taken, and you can also be one of them! For example, Drassen is giving 0.0001€ per takeover. that might sound like a little, but let's compare that to the amount of takeovers. Last round there were 934 026 takeovers, meaning that Drassen will raise approximately 93€ if there are as many takeovers as last month. For the exact information about this charity head on over to turfgame.com/turfaid! Upcoming events Summer is pretty much over and that means that it's kind of an off season for events. There is one event coming up very soon, this time in Västerås on the 13th of September. It's an open event and they call it a Zone Race, they describe it as a standard event but with a bit further between the zones. They recommend that you compete with a bike, motorized vehicles are prohibited. For more info on this event, check out the forum and the facebook page, both links in Swedish.

Getting colder[edit]

The weather is getting increasingly colder, it's the time of the year when you just can't dress right, during the morning it's freezing and in the afternoon it's nearly 20 degrees. It's also the time of year when everyone has come back to work or school or whatever you do and you get to meet all those new germs that have been accumulated during the vacation. I myself have had a really bad cold for a couple of days and it's not until now that I've had the energy to write this letter. For those of you stuck in the same situation, get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids and try to maintain your strength by eating those meals that usually come so naturally but have no appetite for when you have the flu from hell.

Get well, and till next time,

//StarDust, Sweden