Turf insider September 2017

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Turfers of the last round were definitely no couch potatoes, the top two are over a million points and third place has a hefty 780 thousand and change! Give it up for MasterJoDa with 788 545 points, MrJokerit with 1 007 182 points and simpson, the August winner with 1 173 501 points!

I'm back[edit]

A lot has happened during the time I've been on vacation and busy with work and life in general. My vacation contributed with one or two unique zones and a lot of added kilometers to my Turf distance! There are many ways of playing Turf, I like to take a zone or two when traveling to increase that number in the stats, other plow through unique zones or even areas. maqqan, my right hand for the news letter enlightened me of another way of playing Turf, namely the ongoing region battle. He writes as follows:

Region battle of 2017[edit]

Have you noticed the ongoing battle? Between the Turfing Wolves, Västgötarna, Hunting Deers, Snapphanarna, Sthlm Slayers and Åland Region Fighters. Thats right, no less the 6 regions are participating in this years tournament. For each week during this round they will compete in the two categories; highest average point and highest average number of takes. At the end of the round the points earned each week will be summarized to crown the winning region. You can check the scores at Turfportalen.


I'd like to remind you of the website, you can check out cool stats and other things. Also, the news feed is updated more frequently, here's some of the latest news!

As some of you already know, the game GUI is having a makeover and the designers are tweaking them as we speak. A teaser is out right now. Sometimes there can pop up other interesting stuff, recently a photo contest took place, the winning photo is up right now, have a look.

Forum tips[edit]

Ever wonder why a zone might be named the way it is? Well others have too and there's a thread for it on the forum! Just follow this link and see if someone can enlighten you! The thread is in Swedish but don't hesitate to start one in English in the international part of the forum!


If you feel like socializing with fellow turfers, going to an event is just the solution. There you can meet and compete against like-minded people from all over, some local, some not. The next event is in Örebro on the 23rd of September and the organizers boast lots of interesting places to be discovered. This competition will be a bit different from the standard events, the winner of the event is namely the one with the most unique zones! For more information in Swedish check out this site.

The location for the next Bonanza has been decided! It will take place in Västerås on May 19th, 2018! A Bonanza is the official Turf Event, like the Olympics of Turf one could say! People from all over will definitely attend and there will most probably be a big gathering of some sort after the competitions. I will certainly keep you informed in the news letter, this is just a "save the date"!

Until next time fellow turfers,