Turf insider September 2018

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Round winners

The winner of round 98 is a well-known name when talking gold medals: Király from Skåne! Will he go for one more gold (#7) in order to beat kingenin's record of six gold medals for which he now is tied? Future rounds will tell! Runner up this round was Toubkal from region Jönköping, securing his third silver. Simpson from Värmland added another bronze medal to his resume. Well done mates!

Turf Meetings

Holidays makes for some interesting turf meetings. During this round's vacation in Finland, me and my partner in crime ended up talking to two local Turku-turfers on a bridge for over 50 min. We were only going for a short evening bike ride to take the winner zone ojarnstrZone. Now we got to take it at least two times each, introduce the idea of ”round unique zone takes” (omgångsunika in Swedish, see http://frut.zundin.se/unika.php) to the Turku turfers. Then we realized it had gotten so dark we needed our bike lights, which was still in the car by the hostel! *oups*

Turf Missions

at http://frut.zundin.se/mission_help.php

SunYour is behind Turf Missions, a special way to turf. Instead of just going for any old zone, you take them in a special order. You can take one or two every day and other zones in-between or go for as many as possible in one go. Each to their own!

The very beginning of Turf Missions was a competition organised by Velocipedrytta on the anniversiary of the huge forest fire in Västmanland. It was called ”Ring Of Fire” and the turfers had one week to take all six zones in the area affected by the fire. The idea of "missions" has been around for years, look for old threads at Turf forum if you are interested. Not all cities have Missions, but new ones are coming every now and then when the time allows for it. There are a lot of other aspects to frut.zundin's page too, go look for yourself!

The Missions come in two major 'flavours': ~100 central zones in alphabetical order and an inward/outward spiral containing most zones in that city. You start the mission by taking the first zone stated on the mission page and then off you go! Here is one story of how such a mission was done :)

Mission: 24 laps around Uppsala

On May 30 pandora and BadLoser started the challenge. They decided to do it together with Assist, which made it all the more difficult as sometimes one jumps out of the zone at the moment the other takes the it. Then they had to wait 23 minutes before the other could take it and they could continue on their way. Coverage was another problem. One zone, Juvelvingar, lies in a wooded area where there often are such problems. There they spent about 1 hour with aggressive mosquitoes before both managed to get the zone.

After a few days they got to know that two other Uppsala turfers competed with them for the gold and silver position! They had planned to make a break in the mission during summer, but now they changed their mind. They decided to go for gold and silver, and becausepandora and BadLoser are retirees they had a ”small” advantage: they could turf hard all day when the others were at work :)

When the laps became shorter, it became harder not to block yourself for the next lap. In addition, the risk of other turfers blocking zones increased when approaching the center of Uppsala. They finished in HerbertZone on June 14, after in total about 800 kms on their bikes. They had been out turfing 14 out of 16 days for 5-8 hours a day. All done in 25-30 degrees heat, well done!

Turf Events

Two events of a somewhat special character have taken place during this round.

On 25-26 August, Kalmar Turf Association organized a 24-hour Event in Kalmar. There were 11 brave Turf fighters in the individual class and 24 turfers in the team competition. The participants came from seven different turf regions from Västerbotten to Skåne. It was the first time this type of event was conducted with an individual competition class. The first 24-hour event took place last year in Umeå where teams of three turfers competed with each other. On Sunday at 11.30, all tired but happy turfers gathered for the award ceremony at Kalmar Sports Hall. Everyone also got the worthwhile event 24-hour medal. Well done everyone!

Results can be found at www.kalmarturf.se

Video clips from the event can be found at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/HXPzQSrGKbr

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As that was not enough fun, on the first of September Turf Skåne hosted the first open Turf event in Sweden's southernsmost region - Turfathlon and Malmö Championship. The two events had three classes which Turfers could participate in: Turfathlon with a water heat, a foot heat and a bike (wheel) heat, and Malmö Championship with foot or bike heats. The unique water heat opened the competition and 25 valiant Turfathletes "swaded" the zones in the waters outside the wast Ribersborgs beach in Malmö. This caused a lot of amusement and interest from on-looking turf mugglers, and the turfers themselves seemed equally amused. The water heat was then followed by the foot and bike heats. At the end of the day three champions had collected more points than all the other competitors:

Turfathlon Champion 2018: Ramsey11, Malmö Malmö Foot Champion 2018: yeti, Stockholm Malmö Wheel Champion 2018: ChristerL, Landskrona

In all 64 unique turfers took zones in all three heats. Full results can be found here (in Swedish): http://www.turfskane.se/eventskalender/varaevent/tmc2018/

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Bonanza 2019 News

Turf08 will organize Bonanza 2019 on on Saturday, May 18th. Write it down, remember it and more info will come next year :) The event area will cover North Djurgården and surrounding area. Read more at http://nyheter.turf08.se/bonanza-2019-uppdatering/

Three Quick Ones

Back to three random turfers who have answered the quick questions :)

Turf nick: HappyF

Favorite zone

Kodammsbron. I take it almost everyday when I bike to my job. Nice view over Säveån.

Which personal goal are you most satisfied with?

5000 unique zones also became 100% in Gothenburg.

An accessory (not bike) you used to take a zone.

Inflatable canoe.

Turf-nick: TriggerHappy

What made you begin with Turf?

A colleague were often outside on the lawy and looked at his phone in breaks, so I asked what he was doing. When he told me about Turf, I thought it would fit my sister and mother, but then I got hooked too!

Which medal was the toughest to take?

My gold medal, had to keep turfing for five weeks. Since of course, I chose a five-week round!

Which personal goal are you most satisfied with?

Korea Explorer, to be the first to take it together with Munin. We planned it on the QT for one year before we went there.

Turf-nick: makrillen75

Which medal was the toughest to take?

My Region medal.

An accessory (not bike) you used to take a zone.

The Elba-ferry to get to the zone Elba in Västmanland.

Most memorable zone you have taken. Why?

Priapos, bird island surrounded by swamp land.

Turfa lungt/Safe turfing! Munin