Turf League

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Overview - Division System
Division League
Level 1 Elite League
Level 2 League 1
Level 3 League 2
Level 4 League 3
Level 5 League 4
Level 6 League 5
Level 7 League 6
Level 8 League 7
Level 9 League 8
Level 10 League 9

Turf League is an official league based game element in Turf that includes a total of ten leagues with players. All active players in Turf are placed on a special toplist that is separate from the other top lists, where the players rise and fall in the leagues based on their performance during the round. A player can only look at his own placement in the league system unless he is a supporter, who can view the whole league.

How it works[edit]


The League system based on that players initially start at the bottom of the league system that have 10 levels. Every League has a certain number of groups, that have 10 players. The players rise and fall in the leagues at the end of all rounds, based on their acumulated points. Rising to the next level requires the player to have the most points in his group thereby placing himself as number one. If a player ends up last or second last in his group he will fall to the league below. All players that have not changed league level during the round are randomly placed in new groups in that level. Whereafter the process begins again at the start of the new round.


If a player is on lowest level (Leageu 9) and has not taken any zones during the round. He will be removed from the League system until that time he again takes a zone. "New" players will automatically start from the bottom level.

Progress and medals[edit]

There are currently no specific medals connected to the League game, but there is an exclusive outfit that is unlocked for your avatar when you reach the Elite League.


The League game started with unoffical third party expansions of Turf: One of the expansions, Seriespel, was developed and maintained by Jimo and Knegge between february 2013 and 2016. The other expansion, TurfDivisions, was developed by jagduvi. The league game was integrated in Turf as an official expansion 2016.