Active inStenungsund, Västernorrland
Way of transportationWalking
OtherThe avatar is a memory from the game Warcraft3
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Started playing together with my cousin Tendronizer round 38 because of backproblems. Skuggvarg was the one to give me the tip. I wanted to be able to turf even when Tendronizer was unable to so I eventualy managed to switch the OS on an old phone making it accept Turf. Shortly thereafter I bought a new phone specificaly for Turfing.

Has become a thing for me to do all Turfing by foot and try reaching difficult goals for a walker. The dream is to one day win the round and conquer the first El Staminatoré medal both by walking. We'll see about that... Does some programming with the Turf API and has made a bunch of wiki-editing.

Most taken zone: Hasselbacke


4x Winner of the walking group (Round 39, 61, 84 & 96)
Highest score: 183 801 (Round 96)
Most zones in a day: 100 (Round 48)
Highest score in a session: 23 754 (Round 96)
Highest greed: 159 (Round 96)

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