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BjurPåVatten by/in Öre river in Bjurholm the 11th of June 2015
LocationBjurholm, Västerbotten, Sweden
SurfaceForest land
TriviaOne of the most difficult zones to take in the Umeå region.
BjurPåVatten at

BjurPåVatten is a turfzone in the municipality of Bjurholm in the region of Västerbotten in Sweden. The zone is located in the province of Ångermanland.


BjurPåVatten lies down a slope by the banks of the Öre River.


Go towards Åsele and when you have crossed the bridge by the Öre river shortly after you have gone out from the center of Bjurholm, the zone will be a bit from the bridge. You can move on and turn right further along the road and then right again after a while. Stop at the old sawmill and go down the slope. Expect it to take 40-50 minutes to take the zone. It is possible that there is another easier way there, but it may mean that you have to go through a private residential building.


The zone is very difficult to take as it lies down a slope by the Öre river. From the bridge you can see the zone, but getting there is difficult.

Turf Award[edit]

ZoneBanger was nominatad for the "Most Spectacular Zone Takeover of the Year" 2018 for wading over the Öre river in Västerbotten to take one of Sweden's most difficult zones - BjurPåVatten.

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