Viggen and Draken
LocationLinköping, Östergötland, Sweden
SurfaceGrass, Gravel
TriviaFormerly called DragonZone
Dragonzone at

Dragonzone is a turf zone in the municipality of Linköping in the region of Östergötland in Sweden.


This turf zone is located along the E4 east of Linköping but is not accessible from the highway.


From Linköping take National Road 35 to Mörtlösarondellen and take towards Linghem. After about 4.5 kilometers turn left towards Vreta. After just over 1 kilometer, the zone is on the left side before the road goes under the highway.

The place[edit]

A remote place, with some of the planes placed around Linköping to show the city's role as the country's number one aviation city.

These aircraft are SAAB J37 Viggen and SAAB J35 Draken.

Sweden's aviation capital[edit]

It is possible that the name was created for marketing purposes for Linköping, but there is something in the name as well. Flight school was started at Malmen Airbase as early as 1912 (one of Sweden's first). Östgöta Wing (nowadays there is only one helicopter flotilla).

Svenska Aeroplan AB (SAAB) was founded in 1937 and started its aircraft production in the city a couple of years later. Both the development and manufacture of aircraft are located in Linköping. Thanks to SAAB, Linköping grew strongly during the World War II and the Cold War. With SAAB, another airport was built in the city, Linköping/Saab Airport, which is shared by Saab and civil aviation.[1]

Flight-related zones in Linköping[edit]

The aircraft along the E4 from west to east[edit]

Other flight-related zones in Linköping[edit]

  • Airplane: Air Force Museum (many aircraft).
  • SimuZone: Saab's southern entrance right next to Åtvidabergsvägen is a Saab J35 Draken perched on a pillar.
  • Linkflyer: Linköping Airport and Saab's northern entrance.
  • MalmenView: View of one runway at Malmen Airbase.

Other zones with aircrafts[edit]

All in Sweden.

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