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LocationFinström, Åland, Finland
SurfaceGrass, Stone
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GodbyGravhög is a turfzone in the municipality of Finström in the region of Åland in Finland.


This zone is placed by the Godby Burial Mounds, between the roads "Maskrosvägen" and "Sundsvägen", in the town center of Godby.

Godby Burial Mounds[edit]

Godby mounds are a burial ground from the Late Iron Age near Godby, Finström, Åland. 37 burial mounds have been identified in the burial field, which is also called Knösåkern or Kungsåkern. The largest burial mounds have a diameter of over 15 meters, which makes them among Åland's largest burial mounds. Excavations in the middle of the 19th century led by Karl Bomansson and at the turn of the 20th century led by Björn Cederhvarf revealed that they are cremation graves with a centrally placed cairn over which a pile of sand was built. Otherwise, the excavations yielded no remarkable finds. This type of grave is often called knös in Åland.

The Graveyard at Godby has a couple of mounds, the largest burial mounds on Åland. They measure up to 5 meters in height. In the same burial ground there are several shipwrecks. Other grave forms and memorials characteristic of Sweden, such as triangular graves, tridents and gravestones, are also known on Åland.

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