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LocationJoensuu, Itä-Suomi, Finland
SurfacePaving stone
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JoensuunZone is a turf zone in the municipality of Joensuu in the region of Itä-Suomi in Finland. The zone is located in the province of Pohjois-Karjala and it is counted as a holy zone.


This zone is placed by Joensuu Church in the center of Joensuu by the bank of the Pieli River.

Joensuu Church[edit]

The church stands on a small hill, which rises from the banks of the Pielis River. In the city's oldest city plan by Claës Wilhelm Gyldén from 1848, places had been reserved for churches in the city so that at the north end of Kirkkokatu (Church road) there was room for the city's Orthodox church and at the south end for the Lutheran church. Thus the church was built in the north-south direction with the main entrance to the north and the choir with the altar to the south.

The church is built according to the drawings by architect Josef Stenbäck. It is currently a typical "preaching church" with a centrally located pulpit. In its style, the church is neo-Gothic with elements of Art Nouveau. The church is built of unpainted red brick. It is almost square, with a cowshed connected to the cord, versatile ends and eccentrically placed towers. The tallest tower is to the left of the church facade in the northeast corner of the building, with the church bells, and the right facade tower in the northwest corner is lower. The third tower is located above the sacristy, to the left of the chancel, in the southeast corner. On the long sides of the church there are cross gables with large windows.

The church was inaugurated by the rector Henrik Piipponen on July 26, 1903

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