LocationMalmö, Skåne, Sweden
SurfaceGrass, Park
Triviakaninmage's winner zone globally and in Sweden round 24.
KaninZone at

KaninZone is a turf zone in the municipality of Malmö in the region of Skåne in Sweden and is counted as a winner zone.


This winner zone is located in the park Södervärnsplan next to a football pitch and the water tower Södervärnstornet, at the intersection Nobelvägen - Spårvägsgatan, in the district Möllevången, south of central Malmö.


Södervärnstornet (English: The Södervärn tower) is an old water tower in central Malmö, located in the sub-area Möllevången, Södra Innerstaden, by Nobelvägen. The tower was completed in 1916 and supplied Malmö with water until 2015.

The then (1916) city architect Salomon Sörensen designed the Södervärn tower, which at the time was considered one of Malmö's architectural masterpieces with its muscular design.

The height of the Södervärn tower is 54 meters and can be classified as one of Scania's highest water towers. The capacity is two million liters of water and was built because the older water towers at Kirseberg and in Pildammsparken were not enough.[1]

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