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LocationKiruna, Norrbotten, Sweden
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Karesuandozon is a turfzone in the municipality of Kiruna in the region of Norrbotten in Sweden. The zone is located in the historical province of Lapland and is counted as a holy zone.


This zone is placed by the Karesuando church by the shore Muonio (river) in the village of Karesuando.

Karesuando Church[edit]

Karesuando Church is a church building in Karesuando and is Sweden's northernmost church. It belongs to Karesuando parish in Luleå diocese and the Church of Sweden. Just a stone's throw from the building is the national border to Finland, which consists of the Muonio River.

The church is a wooden church that was built in 1905 to replace the older church that was demolished the same year. The architect was Gustaf Lindgren. On December 3, 1905, the church was consecrated by the first bishop of Luleå diocese, Olof Bergqvist. A significant rebuild was carried out in 1954 under the leadership of Folke Löfström.

The first church in Karesuando was a wooden building built in 1813-1816. It was in this church that Lars Levi Læstadius preached in the years 1826–1849. Here, in 1845, the revival that bears his name after Læstadius broke out.

The parish could not afford the necessary maintenance so the church had to fall into disrepair so much that it was unprofitable to renovate. In 1905, therefore, the church was demolished and replaced by the current one.

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