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LocationKittilä, Lappi, Finland
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KittiläKirkko is a turfzone in the municipality of Kittilä in the region of Lappi (Lapland) in Finland. The zone is located in the historical province of Lapland and is counted as a holy zone.


The zone is placed by the Kittilä church in the Kittilä church village.

Kittilä church[edit]

The church was completed in 1831 and was designed by C. L. Engel. The church has about 550 seats and it was originally built as a long church. But it was extended to a cruciform church according to Julius Basilier's plans in 1886–1887, when the tower was also raised.

The church is one of the few buildings in the village that survived the arson of retreating Germans during the Lapland War 1944–1945, and it is the oldest remaining building in Kittilä. Adam Lantto was the builder of the church almost until it was completed, and after his death the work of Johan Jäneslampi continued.

The church has an altarpiece Jesus on the cross (267 × 205 cm oil painting on canvas) painted by Johan Gustav Hedman in 1831. It was donated by the governor of the province of Oulu, Johan Abraham Stjernschantz, with the text "In 1831 this canvas was donated to Kittilä church by the Governor and The Knight of Oulu Herr A. Stjernscantz ".


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