Lakelook at Kyrksjön in Bromma. Photo: Jockatim
LocationStockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
SurfaceWooden jetty, Water
Lakelook at

Lakelook is a turf zone in the municipality of Stockholm in the region of Stockholm in Sweden.


This turf zone is located on a jetty in the small lake of Kyrksjön, in the nature reserve of Kyrksjölöten, near Bromma Church, in the northwestern part of the suburb Bromma, west of central Stockholm. A nice place to sit down and have your packed lunch.


Kyrksjön (English: Church Lake) is a small lake in Bromma, a western suburb in Stockholm, Sweden. Named after its vicinity to the old church Bromma kyrka, the lake was made part of the nature reserve Kyrksjölöten in 1997. Three other lakes are located near Kyrksjön: Judarn, Lillsjön, and Råcksta Träsk.[1]

Kyrksjölöten's nature reserve[edit]

Kyrksjölöten's nature reserve was established in 1997 and is an elongated 50.5 hectare area. Kyrksjön is part of the reserve and is located in its northwestern part. Around Kyrksjön is one of the municipality's largest carr and a rich bird life with herons, northern goshawk and black woodpecker, among other things, the rare horned grebe nests in the lake nest in the lake. In the middle part of the reserve there is a wall called the Russian Wall, which according to tradition was built in the 18th century by Russian prisoners of war, but later research suggests that it is rather a kind of cultivation cairn from the 19th century. The area also includes some allotment gardens. A power line runs through the entire reserve.[2]

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