TerrainKaarina, Lounais-Suomi, Finland
LemunTaistelu at

LemunTaistelu is a turfzone in the city of Kaarina in the region of Lounais-Suomi in Finland. The zone is counted as a monument zone.


The Zone is placed at small forrest meadow in Lemu, Kaarina nearest road is Yli-Lemuntie. The zone is easy to take once get there but it is in the middle of now where and it can be difficult to find a route if are going by car.


The Battle of Lemo was fought during the Finnish War between Sweden and Russia on 19–20 June 1808 (Julian calendar 7–8 June).

On 19 June, about 2,500 Swedes landed at Lemo (Finnish:Lemu) in Kaarina in Southwest Finland, aided by the Swedish Navy. There, the Swedes intended to liberate Åbo (Finnish:Turku) from the Russians. The Swedish landing forces were commanded by Major General Eberhard von Vegesack. The Russian had about 3,600 men in the area under the command of Lieutenant General Karl Gustav von Baggovut.

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