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LocationVaasa, Länsi- ja Sisä-Suomi, Finland
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LongTimeAgo is a turfzone in the municipality of Vaasa (Vasa) in the region of Länsi- ja Sisä-Suomi (Western and Inner Finland) in Finland. The zone is located in the province of Pohjanmaa and it is counted as a Ruin zone.


This zone is placed by the ruins of St. Mary's Church, in the district of Vanha Vaasa (Old Vaasa), southeast of Vaasa town center.

The Ruins of St. Mary's Church[edit]

St. Mary's Church is today a church ruin in the district Vanha Vaasa (Old Vaasa) in the city of Vaasa, Finland. The church was probably built between 1500-1520 and was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. During the transition to Lutheranism, the church was renamed Sofia Albertina Church. The church was expanded in several stages, including in 1649, to meet the needs of the growing city. In the middle of the 18th century, the church was expanded into a cross church. It was looted during the Great Wrath. The church was badly damaged in the great city fire in Vanha Vaasa on August 3, 1852. The damage was judged to be so great that they did not dare rebuild the church. The church had a large organ that was destroyed in the fire.

Just before the city's fire, the altarpiece had been moved away and saved. It can be found today in Korsholm's church. The altar piece and pulpit had been moved to Replot's church in the 1840s and were therefore also preserved. Bricks from the vaults and tower were used to build the belfry at the old Court of Appeal, which was converted into Korsholm's church. Next to the church ruins are also the foundations of the former trivial school, the lowest floors of the former belfry and the former main square. The area is popularly known as "Old Vaasa ruins".

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