Zon RailField-01.jpg
RailField, Huddinge. Photo: Peterspirea
LocationHuddinge, Stockholm, Sweden
SurfacePedestrian and bicycle path, Asphalt, Grass
Triviatomtebloss winner zone globally and in Sweden round 10.
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RailField is a turf zone in the municipality of Huddinge in the region of Stockholm in Sweden and is counted as a winner zone.


This winner zone is located at the intersection of pedestrian and bicycle paths between Huddinge kyrka (Huddinge church) and Rådsparken's outdoor gym, in the southern part of Rådsparken, in the northern part of central Huddinge.


Rådsparken is a general activity park in Huddinge municipality, Stockholm County. The park is located adjacent to the northeast of Huddinge kyrka (Huddinge church) and the church's cemetery. Here you will find, among other things, a zoo and a local sports field.

Today's park was laid out in the 1960s between the cemetery in the south and the point house buildings in the Rådsbacken block in the north. To the west, the park is bounded by the track area for Western Main Line (Swedish: Västra stambanan) and to the east by Tomtbergaskolan. In connection with the widening of the track area in 1987, the park's area decreased somewhat.[1]

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