LocationTrelleborg, Skåne, Sweden
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SmygeFyr is a turfzone in the municipality of Trelleborg in the region of Skåne in Sweden.


This turfzone is located on the southern tip of Skåne, next to the Smygehuk lighthouse at the Smygehuk harbour, in Östra Torp´s parish.

Smygehuks lighthouse[edit]

In the 19th century, many ships were stranded on the windy coastline around Smygehuk and Beddinge. The Swedish Maritime Administration decided to place a lighthouse on the southernmost point to give the ships a fixed point to navigate. The assignment to construct it went to Ludvigsbergs Mekaniska Verkstad in Stockholm, and it was transported down to Smygehuk where it was assembled and put into use in 1883. It is round and built of riveted iron plates, with a height of 17 meters and a light width of two nautical miles. If the visibility was below this, the lighthouse staff had the task of starting the mistletoe to warn ships. The lighthouse was originally equipped with a three-week kerosene-powered lamp, but was electrified in 1931 when a lighthouse with a 500 W electric lantern was installed. The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1967 and then completely taken out of use in 1975, when it was replaced by Kullagrunds lighthouse, which is located at sea southeast of Trelleborg. However, the owner Trelleborg municipality lit up the lighthouse again in 2001 and it is open to the public. The old lighthouse keeper's house has been converted into a hostel and in the old mistlurshuset ("Tudehuset") art exhibitions are arranged, among other things. In summer, devotionals are arranged in the lighthouse, and the place can be rented for weddings and baptisms.

Turf Award[edit]

Cykeltalibanen and recycling were nominatad for the "Most Spectacular Zone Takeover of the Year" 2021 for taking the zone SmygeFyr after a 2 000+ km bike ride through Sweden. Both turfers took SmygeFyr within a week from taking the zone Riksgränsen in northern Sweden.

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