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StruvesArc is a turfzone in Estonia and it is countes as a world heritage site.


This zone is placed by the old the observatory in the city of Tartu in the southeastern part of Estonia.

Struve Geodetic Arc[edit]

Struve Geodetic Arc is a World Heritage Site that runs through ten countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.

Triangle measurement[edit]

Between 1816 and 1855 a project was underway to determine the shape of the globe. Behind the project was the Russian-German astronomer Friedrick Georg Wilhelm Struve. The chain with measuring points was 2,822 kilometers long. Today, the method of triangle measurement has been replaced by satellites and GPS measurement, but the measurements in the 19th century were also of high quality.

The Arc's first point is located in Tartu Observatory in Estonia, where Struve conducted much of his research. Measurement of the triangulation chain comprises 258 main triangles and 265 geodetic vertices. The northernmost point is located near Hammerfest in Norway and the southernmost point near the Black Sea in Ukraine.


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