Picture taken by Bont
LocationStoruman, Västerbotten, Sweden
TriviaThe zone was first taken on the 19th of July 2019, and was the first zone taken by the new turfer paltkoman after climbing for about five hours.
Sytertoppen at

Sytertoppen is a turfzone in the municipality of Storuman in the region of Västerbotten in Sweden and it is counted as a summit zone.


The zone is located about 15 minutes hike from the top of the mountain, on rocky terrain above the top cottage.


There are two roads up to Sytertoppen, one via Viterskalsstugan (cottage) and the other via Syterstugan (cottage). The road up via Viterskalsstugan is recommended. After Viterskalsstugan, you will be met by a sign that directs you to a detour that is well marked. Follow this path all the way to the top.

Worth seeing[edit]

Sytertoppen offers a dreamlike view if conditions are good. You will see Viterskalet from a completely new perspective, a magnificent valley between the "Södra" and "Norra Sytertoppen" mountains, as well as a spectacular view with bare mountains, the glacier and cloud cover that spreads out in 360 degrees. With binoculars, it should not be impossible to see hikers along the "Kungsleden" hiking trial down on the ground - from the top!

The location[edit]

Sytertoppen is located on the top of Norra Storfjället, 1768 meters above sea level. It is Västerbotten's highest point.


The zone is very demanding to take, and it is recommended to study the weather before going for the summit. Feel free to ask the staff in the "Viterskalsstugan" cottage , alt. "Syterstugan" cottage for advice. It is risky to go up by yourself, as it is sometimes very steep with loose stones, possibly. poor visibility and strong winds (depending on the weather).

Up at the top, the temperature drops quickly and you are exposed to weather and wind without protection, except at the top cabin. The coverage can also not be guaranteed during the climb up to the ridge. Once there, the coverage will in principle be good (at least with Telia's network).

However, the reward at the top is more than worth the effort!

Turf Award[edit]

Cykeltalibanen was nominatad for the "Most Spectacular Zone Takeover of the Year" 2021 for alone having taken the zone Sytertoppen which is located on the region Västerbotten's highest point, 1768 meters above sea level.


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