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LocationKiruna, Norrbotten, Sweden
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TarfalaStugan is a turfzone in the municipality of Kiruna in the region of Norrbotten in Sweden. The zone is located in the historical province of Lapland.


This zone is placed by Tarfala Mountain Cabin, in the Tarfala Valley.

Tarfala Valley[edit]

Tarfala Valley or Tarfalavagge (Northern Sami Darfalvággi) is the high mountain valley that is from the east closest to the ridge that Kebnekaise's north and south peaks are part of. At the top of the Tarfala valley is the area commonly called Tarfala.

In Tarfala, the Swedish Tourist Association (STF) has a mountain cabin. About one kilometer in a south-easterly direction from the Tarfala cabin is Tarfala research station, where field studies in glaciology are conducted on Tarfala's glaciers. The station belongs to Stockholm University. The researchers study mass balance, melting and other properties at, among others, the Great Glacier at Tarfala Station, which has engaged scientists all over the world.

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