Zone Guidelines

Zones is an important game element in Turf and in order to increase the transparency a bit and make it more clear how the zone makers work, here are the most important guidelines on zone making.

What is a zone and how is it positioned?[edit]

A zone is supposed to be a special place that that gives a value to the user. This is accomplished in different ways, but it is important to understand that a zone is not just something we throw out anywhere without thinking.

We accomplish this in different ways: by giving the zone a unique and good name, by placing the zone in a beautiful/well known/well defined place.

For example, zones in a beautiful park, near a trainstation or in the town square are well placed zones. Another type of zone is a zone that connects to other zones, a transit/filling zone if you like. This kind of zone may not always be beautiful, but it has another kind of value for the turfer.


Mobile GPS is not always very accurate. Therefore the zones should be about 25 meters X 25 meters to allow for some GPS error. However the size of the zone may be adjusted to fit the area where it is placed.

When placing zones, for example in a park and close to a walking path/bicycle road the zone should include the path/bicycle road. This is to avoid the destruction of the community's grass areas. If the zone is placed further away (~30 meters or more) from a path, perhaps on a small hill or around a huge old tree, the zone will not be moved to the closest path/road.

It is important to remember that the zones should normally be accessible during all seasons (a few exceptions are okay). But this doesn't mean that all zones should be easy to take.


As said before the name is very important. The relation to the geographical location is the key in naming the zone. Jokes or "smart" names/translations are okay.

The local language may be used, even "Englishified" if appropriate.

Good names[edit]

  • GlobeZone
  • FaluPlaza
  • BirdSongZone (next to the street Fågelsångsvägen)

Bad names[edit]

  • AutobansHillZone
  • Footballzone
  • 1337ZoNe

Bad zone locations[edit]

The following locations are not valid and any such zone should be reported to the Issue-web!

  • Zones inside or very close to kindergartens.
  • Zones placed at schools (grades 0-9) and playgrounds should have a safety distance to avoid creepy effects. For example a zone next to a playground is okay, but not inside it.
  • Zones placed in graveyards/churchyards on the actual graves or in memorials.
  • Zones in fotball/sport fields placed on the actual turf or track.
  • Places that are dangerous, for example train rails.
  • Private areas, for example inside high fences of a power plant or someone's private backyard.
  • Places that cost a lot of money to access (a few exceptions are okay) or are accessible only by a few persons, like someone's workplace.

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