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Finally someone else wins, Open Turf Event and iPhone now in closed beta!

Results of round 37[redigera]

It finally happend! Since fiskeLasse won round 31, which was in January, there has been only two gold medalists: kingenin and Mazarin. This round we could finally welcome a new turfer in to the exclusive club of gold medalists, namely TriggerHappy! In Uppsala TriggerHappy worked long and hard, making over 4 500 takeovers and scoring some 850 000 points. Massive indeed, congrats! In second and third place we have pedlan from Umeå and Fidde from Växjö. Both scoring over 700 000 points which also is very good! Pedlan also accomlished what I believe is a pph-record, 1 500 points per hour is an impressing figure! Fidde chose another direction and went for a super version of the greed medal when at the same time owning 433 zones spread around Sweden and Denmark. Always fun and amazing when turfers press the limits of what is possible in this game! Congrats to the medals and your amazing achievements! :-)

Open Turf Event in Jönköping![redigera]

It's rapidly closing up now, the first Open Turf Event in history! Next weekend on the 10th of August, Jönköping welcomes anyone who wish to compete in a fast Bonanza style Turf Event. The event is an official part of Jönköpingsfesten, a big culture and sport festival. For more information see the forum.

iPhone now in closed beta and other news[redigera]

The iPhone version of Turf is getting closer! Last week the closed beta was started and some 100 turfers have signed up to test. Hopefully testing will show fast and good results so we finally can see a full and live version of Turf in the app store. The reason that the iPhone version can't be relaesed already is that Apple does not allow beta versions of applications in their app store. The iPhone beta is starting to look like the Android version, but still there's functionality and stability improvements needed. Anyway, the beta is a big leap forward and we're getting there :-)

The Android version of the app is also being worked upon! We're waiting for the big improvement of the next version, which will include the new Google Maps API. This means that we're gonna be able to cache the satelite maps for example, this way saving a lot of data traffic. Many other news will follow after this update, I can't reveal any details but there will surely be new medals and other functions! At least I can't wait for this to happen :-)

The reports of bad zones will soon entirely be made on issues.turfgame.com after a testing period including three regions. TBIT will continue to work on this tool to make it even more easy to use, thank You TBIT for doing this work! :-)

Turf wiki,Facebook and Instagram[redigera]

Visit the Turf Wiki wiki.turfgame.com and learn more about Turf or share your knowledge! The English part has just started. All thoughts, facts and questions are welcome. Feel free to write about your favorite zone, explain the best zones in your region, how fairy works or whatever.

New to Turf? Do you have Facebook? Like Turf's page at Facebook and get our updates directly to your newsfeed www.facebook.com/Turfthegame

You can now find Turfcrew at Instagram! We share many things about both developing and turfing :-)

Our third party developers continue their work with cool features, for example we now have a brand new and exciting Turf Leauge! Work your way up through the divisions and try to make it to the elite bunch of insane turfers and stay there :-) Sounds interesting? Check out TurfLeague

Have You found a bug or issue when turfing? You can report your issue at issues.turfgame.com A big thanks to TBIT for developing and maintaining this great tool!

As always, I will remind us all to go check out our forum forum.turfgame.com and our stats avaiable at warded.se/turf! And of course the brand new Turf Wiki wiki.turfgame.com :-)

Happy turfing and don't forget to make a small detour for that extra zone!

Blabert, Sweden