Turf insider Augusti 2019

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Round Winners

Congrats to the winner of round 109: Jajk from Värmland, a young Turf Hero biking his way to his first gold, Rappapå from Stockholm was awarded the silver medal and Király from Skåne took home his fourth bronze. All done in the not-as-hot-as-last-year month of July!

Well done mates!

Turf Events

Two Events are coming up in the next couple of months. First there is the annual KulTurf in Örebro, where the goal is not to collect most points, but most unique zones. Read more and sign up here. The event takes place on Saturday the 31st of August with one by-foot heat and one bike heat.

Two weekends later, on Saturday the 14th of September, a team event is organized in Kalmar by Kalmar Turfförening. It is an open team event. The event is a total of six hours where each team member will be turfing four 30-minute heats. You can choose to participate in competition class or amateur class. Sign up here.

If you want your public event featured in Turf Insider, write to: insider@turfgame.com preferably at least two months in advance and add a web page if possible. After the event it is always fun to read a paragraph about it (winners, weather, funny episodes) and remember that a picture is always worth more than a 1000 words.

Turf Goals

When you start with Turf, the medals and new ranks keep coming almost every day you are out taking zones. Then it takes a week, a month to get a new medal or rank. Eventually it takes years...how do you motivate yourself when the daily and weekly turf sessions don't give you an award as often as it did in the beginning? Some stop, but those of us that makes it past Rank 40, usually find other goals to keep us going.

For myself, Turf is mainly an every-day-exercise motivator. I bike to/from work and from the very beginning my goal was 5000 points per day or 25.000 points per week. This was usually not a hard goal to achieve. Lately I've upped it to 10.000 points per day and 50.000 points per week. During the last round I also decided to go for at least 2000 takes, and that was achieved by taking UpStation at about 1.30 am on Sunday morning, with a mere 10,5 hours left of the round.

The league system in the Turf app is an easy goal for many to work with. To stay on a level suitable for how they turf can some rounds be a challenge since the composition of the series are random and can differ a lot from round to round. What one month is enough to level up to the next serie, can the next month see you drop one level.

Other goals can be to take certain zones, like some fellow Crew members did during the last round. PaltN from Västerbotten decided to visit Sytertoppen, the Summit Zone of Västerbotten.

Bilden saknas ladda gärna upp om du har

Shitty from Stockholm decided to visit a couple of special zones he himself had built earlier and was curious about. This and not levelling down was his July goals and he succeeded with them. He also visited a zone a fellow zone maker embeoo had made just for him (?). Shitty is a bus driver.

Bilden saknas ladda gärna upp om du har

Other common goals are to take an R (Region Medal), C (Country Medal), take x number of unique zones every round, collect assists and "passists", collect unique turfers or plan how to take more than one medal with one take. The record is four medals with one take, I think, and it has been done several times. This is easier to do when you are new to the game, but not all medals can be combined, for example Ghost Minute and Aquaman are impossible to get with one take.

One Crew member tried for a long time to keep the number of takes higher than the number of kilometers turfed. This proved hard to keep up with when he started commuting. Another Crew member synced his unique turfer 2500 with unique zone 2500, and the same with number 5000 of each. Then it became too hard to find unique turfers and now he passed 7500 unique zones without taking unique turfer #7500.

For those that need a little more, there are both Missions and the Flipper game developed and maintained by SunYour. Missions starts when you take the first zone in the Mission. Flipper missions do not start automatically by visiting a zone - you need to enter your turf nick on this page at the very bottom to start the mission. The zones to take in the Flipper mission are split up in several groups where you have to take all the zones in one group to be able to continue with the next group. The order of the groups to visit is randomized, so you will not know where to start until you have applied to a specific mission :-) To date, four cities have Flipper Mission; Västerås, Umeå, Uppsala and Örebro.

SunYour also have the ”Round Unique” page, where you can see how many zones you have taken as unique during one round. There are different levels to aim for; Rusty chain, Nickel bracelet, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Many use https://turf.lundkvist.com/ to either hunt for FTT, visit all counties in Sweden, be the turfer with most Summits (Junioren), Bridges (Snusmumriken) or any other attribute zone. There are many to choose between :)

Turf Skåne is running En Skånsk Klassiker (A Skåne Classic) with four different parts that have to be completed during one year. TXL from Skåne has made his own challenge: take his four Winner Zones (two in Sweden och two in Denmark) during 24 hours and if you take them in the correct order (hint: it has to do with his Turf nick), then he will award you with your own cup! Vintentina is the organizer of monthly Turf Challenges at endomondo, search for Turf and you will find the latest challenge. And laynus has the weekly 'gold egg' for those with most zones at noon on Sundays within each group on his page Turfportalen.

There are many different goals to set for yourself in Turf, and isn't that why we all love it?

Turfa lugnt/Safe turfing!