Turf insider Juni 2017

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Last month brought a few more winners than usual. Exactly one month ago the all important Turf Bonanza took place, which had six podium winners, definitely worth mentioning!

Starting with the "BonanzaFoot" which had 134 participants and 500 zones to choose from, the total amount of takeovers was 4097 which puts it at just over 30 zones per turfer. At third place we find WombaWomba with 1842.05 points and 84 takeovers, at second place RiddervanMyyl with 1908.90 points and also 84 takeovers, and at first place with 2000.00 (very exact) points and 82 takeovers rabbit_rail. Worth mentioning is sweest with 1841.20 points and 76 takeovers, a measily point from the third place.

The "BonanzaBike" contest had 131 participants and 601 zones. Total takeovers were 7071 which puts the average at nearly 54. MerCurious snatched the third place with 2098.22 points and 96 takeovers, at second place Caisesiume with 2217.83 points and 93 takeovers, and at first place Kygni with 2472.08 points and 91 takeovers. Even though Tasse74 had 53 points to go to the podium, Tasse74 biked much further than any of the top three contestants, by an average zone to zone distnace of 3.7 km more than Caisesiume who had the longest distance of the top three.

When it comes to the previous round the three podiumees are Caisesiume at third place with 856 754 points and 4360 takeovers, at se cond place stinabus with 877 705 points, and at first place corp, with 902 275 points 4713 takeovers. pancosmic, at fourth place made 41 more takeovers but that was unfortunately not enough for the podium this time. Surely a round to remember for all winners but I can't resist to pay some extra attention to Caisesume's achievement of claiming both a Bonanza silver medal and a round bronze medal during the same round!

Give these brave turfers a huge round of applause!


Midsummer is closing in, time of the longest day of the year and time for the Midnight Classic in Umeå! That's right ladies and gentlemen, on June 17th which is just a few days away from the summer solstice in Umeå you can have the chance to take a few event zones with lots of other turfers The event costs 20 kr and you pay when you arrive or with Swish. Gather at 22:20 or come early and mingle a bit with the early arrivals. Mor information in Swedish at https://forum.turfgame.com/viewtopic.php?t=5673


If you haven't heard the news already, you must at least have by now seen that some turfers are wearing some really flashy stuff. Katanas, top hats and medal belts are some of the things that you can wear as a supporter! Interested? Go on, pimp your turfer! If you're not a supporter yet, it's easy to register, just press the menu button in the game, press the grey lightning S and choose the preferred payment plan!

I'll be back in July!