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Is there a zone you want to tell us more about?

Just add an article that starts with "Zone:" and ends with the name of the zone, e.g. Zone:Reykjavikur and use the template zone like in the example at this page. Copy the text in the example below and change the text that need to be changed. Please ask questions if anything is unclear, or change this text if you can add something. :)

A full list of all current zone articles can be found here.

If you write this:Edit

|name            = Reykjavikur
|image           = [[File:Reykjavikur.JPG|350px]]
|terrain         = [[Bridge]], [[Water]]
|location        = [[Reykjavik, Reykjavik|Reykjavik]], [[Reykjavik]], [[Iceland]]
|created         = 2012-04-07

Text about the zone.


You get:Edit


LocationReykjavik, Reykjavik, Iceland
TerrainBridge, Water
Reykjavikur at

Text about the zone.