Turf insider Oktober 2016

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Lets start with this rounds winners. At first place we find OdKing, from Ludvika in Dalarna. With 1 010 794 points he did not only win the gold medal this round, he also succeeded in passing the million points line which is a dream for the most of us. At second place WalterOrn, from Jönköping, reaching 821 459 points. And at third place, Kygni, only fifteen year old, from Uppsala. This was the first round medal for each of the top three turfers, great job everyone!


During this round we have also seen some other records. In Umeå, the turfer Bont defied the autumn weather and broke Wettis' old record of most zones taken during 24 hours. The old record from 2013 was 620 zones and the current one set by Bont is 666 zones. Bont did actually break the record twice this round, the first time reaching 642 zones but he wasn't satisfied with that so he tried again reaching the number of the beast. The rumor says that Wettis will try to take back the record next year, looking forward to see the battle between these two giants! Today there are 39 turfers who ha ve taken the medal Staminatrix, myself included. After reaching 421 zones which I did that day I can only imagine how it must feel to continue the hunt for over 200 zones more. Very impressive!

In Södermanland, the turfer Karuin won the Region medal. What is so special with that? Well given the fact that this turfer is only 10 years old I think that this is a stunning achievement! Great job!

Turf Finland[redigera]

In an attempt to increase the number of turfers in Finland, the turfer WildLynx has launched the website turfgame.fi in collaboration with the developers. Hopefully this will lead to increased competition from our neighbors in the east.

Autumn darkness[redigera]

The darker times are upon us, remember to bring your reflex and lights for your bike when turfing during the darker hours. The winner of last round won a vest from Worker Supply, you can take a look at it here if you're interested in getting one of your own. If you´re interested in buying a new light for your bike and are looking for recommendations I suggest you read this post on Cyklistbloggen (Swedish).

See you in a zone!

Maqqan, Värmland