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Gameplay basics[edit]


Zones are defined areas, geo positioned all over the world and visible in the Turfgame app. Zones are designed by vectors and can have any form or size.

As the game of Turf is played monthly (points are resetted after each month), your aim as a player is to position yourself for a certain amount of seconds within as many defined "zone" areas as possible in a month. You are allowed to return to alreay visited zones as it will be overtaken by any competitor playing the game.

Zones can be in five different states showed on the map:

  1. Neutral (Yellow).
  2. Taken by other player (Red).
  3. Blocked by other player (Striped red and yellow).
  4. Taken by you (Green).
  5. Blocked by you (Striped green and yellow).

Zones that are yellow or red may be overtaken by any player. Blocked zones may not be overtaken. The lenght of the block is decided by the level of blocker. Higher level, longer blocks. Every player is allowed to revisit an allready taken green zone within 24 hours.

Zone Value[edit]

Every zone showed on the map has a value to you as a player. That value is divided into two different scale of points:

  1. When entering a zone you are awarded a Take Point (TP).
  2. Every hour you own a zone you are awarded a small "tick" point called Point Per Hour (PPH).

The TP and PPH value of every zone on the worldmap is decided by the "traffic" on the zone. Zones that are heavily visited each month get a very low TP but a very high PPH while zones that are visited very seldom get a high TP and a low PPH.

Zones never before visited by players are Neutral. Neutral zones are valued more than taken zones and award you with an extra 50 TP, the PPH is still the same.


When Capturing a zone you will instantly receive a Take Point (TP) and for each hour you keep the zone (until you loose it to someone else) you will receive a small point "ticker" Points Per Hour (PPH).


Turf is played monthly. A round of turf always starts and ends at 11:00 UTC time, which in winter becomes 12:00 am in Sweden, and in summer becomes 13:00.
With each new round a reset is carried out on all the player's scores (monthly) and all the zones automatically become neutral.

User interface[edit]

The menu[edit]

Other features[edit]

Tips and tricks[edit]


All legal transportations are allowed.