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This is a list of frequently asked questions. It will answer all common questions in the form of concise answers or references to other pages in the wiki.

Question Answer
How do I play? Start by opening the Turf app, and make sure you enable the GPS (it'll ask you to enable it). See that green guy? That's you! By looking at the map, you should be able to find a nearby zone. Go ahead and enter it, then stay within its boundaries for 45 seconds and it'll become yours! You will earn a certain amount of points for each taken zone, and to keep playing the game, just keep on raking in those points! For more on this, see the rules of the game.
I've just taken a zone. How long will it be mine? Until someone else takes it, or until the round ends. Each minute it is in your belonging, it gives you a certain amount of points.
What is a revisit? If you manage to keep a zone for at least 23 hours, you'll be able to take it again. This is called a revisit. A revisit gives you half the usual amount of takeover points (i e: if a zone takeover is worth 250 points, you will only get 125 for a revisit).
I entered a zone, but I couldn’t take it. How come? Someone else must have recently taken over the zone, making it blocked for a while. A blocked zone is marked with black and yellow stripes on your map. You'll have to wait for the zone's block timer to run out until you can take it from the current owner. If you already own a zone, you can not take it again until at least 23 hours have passed. See revisits.
How long is the block time? From 5 minutes up to 30 minutes depending on the rank of the player who took the zone. A player with rank 1-5 has 5 minutes block time. Rank 6-30 has a block time in minutes equal to the rank. Rank 31 and above still only has 30 minutes. A revisit will only block a zone for 5 minutes, no matter the taker's rank. To see how much is left of the block time just tap on the zone.
Is it possible to get a shorter take over time? In the beginning of your Turf career your take over time is 45 seconds. As you level up (by earning points) that time will decrease all the way up until rank 40, where you will get the shortest possible takeover time of only 25 seconds. Your takeover time can be further decreased in two ways: By having the GPS on you will get an additional 5 second decrease - and by being a regionlord will get you yet another 5 second takeover time decrease bonus. Thus, the absolute minimum take over time is 15 seconds.
How many zones are there? As of May 2015, there are 35,143 zones.
How large is a zone? The aim is for them to be approximately 25 x 25 meters, but that can vary a bit depending on how the zone is located.
What is a good zone? A zone can be good in many ways. It can be in a historical place, it can have a splendid view, it can be in a park, it can be in a large square, or why not in a swamp so that you get a memory that you will never forget when taking it. A good zone can also be quite ordinary, but its location might be good for strategical reasons, that is, together with other zones it might form a nice tour.
What is a bad zone? A bad zone is a zone that is dangerous to take (motor roads, railways, etc). If you have to trespass to take a zone - it's bad. If a zone is indoors it's also bad. Another example is a zone that could cause turfers to leave marks, for example, leaving bike tracks over a waterlogged lawn. If a zone is inconvenient but not dangerous to take, then it is not considered bad. Please report bad zones in the forum. Zones where the GPS position is interfered by, for example, surrounding buildings can also be reported.
The zone is enclosed and you have to pay an entrance fee to be able take it! There are a few zones like that, for example, inside the famous amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen. They are nice to visit and add value to the game. Note that you do not need to take all zones, and if one zone is enclosed, then there are for sure zones nearby that you can visit without paying for it.
How do I suggest zones? In the menu of the app there is an icon featuring a light bulb. Zoom in to the area where you would like to have a zone. Click on the icon. Start to draw... You get 3 suggestions every round (month). Remember to make the size of the zone approximately 25x25 meters.
Why has the zone I suggested not been created? What you create/propose in the app is just a suggestion. Zone makers create new zones in areas when the activity increases and more zones are needed. When they do that they will look at the suggestions in the area and accept those that they like. Zone makers do not get notified upon new zone request. This means that even though your zone suggestion has not been created yet it might be in the future. If you think an area has been overlooked and needs more zones you should create a post in the subforum corresponding to the region of the location to get the attention of the responsible zone maker.
Who makes decisions about zones? The zone makers.
Who can become a zone maker? If you are interested, please contact Blabert by a PM on the forum, and tell him a bit about yourself and why you are interested.
Is it possible to be a zone maker for your own home region? No.
Why do certain players wear a crown in the app? The player that owns most zones in a region is called regionlord. The regionlord wears a crown and gets as a bonus 5 seconds shorter take over time.
What does the yellow meter below the points show? The yellow meter shows the progress to the next rank. When the bar is full the player will get a new rank.
What does a green plus sign on the map mean? A green plus sign indicates that there has been a new zone on that location since you last opened the Turf app.
What is warded? Warded is a third party webpage that contains a lot of statistics from turf, Read more here.
Is it possible to use multiple units? Yes it is, but you have to use the same Google account.
Is the turf account personal? It is as personal as your Google account. But it goes without saying that it isn't fair play if several people team up and turf with the same account. It is considered as cheating.
What do I do if I suspect that someone is cheating? Contact someone in the Turf Crew, either by the forum or by email.
Is it possible to check my points from previous rounds? You will see the points you've gathered in the emails sent out after every round. If you are in the top-100 worldwide, then you can see them in warded as well.
Is it possible for a Dane to win in Sweden and vice versa? Yes, but a majority of the zones you have taken during that round must have been in that country.
How does the game decide where my home region is? The region where you have visited most zone during the current round is your home region. If, for example, you start a round away, the that region will be your home region. When you get home you have to visit more zones than in the other region before you are considered home by the game.
Is it possible to change e-mail (gmail) and still keep the same turf account? Yes, it is possible. Follow the instructions on this web page. Remember to log in on http://turfgame.com first.
Why can't I get my old user name back? If use the same primary Google account (gmail) as before when you istall the phone, then turf will find your old account and user name. So it seems that you have tried with another Google account.

You can check which google account that is used for turf by logging in on http://warded.se/turf/ . In the menu you will see "Logged in as ..." followed by Google account.

The easiest way to correct things is to make a full reset of the phone, and then use the correct Google account when re-installing the phone. Wait with adding more Google accounts until turf is up and running.
What is this yellow character on a cloud? The yellow person sitting on a cloud is your position calculated by wireless networks, but since its not as precise as GPS you cannot take any zones with this location, it’s only to get the map to center on your location as fast as possible.