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For information about what regions are available in each country, see Countries

A region in Turf is the main geographical subdivision of a country. A region often corresponds to the counties or similar in the countries where Turf is officially available. In countries where Turf is not yet available, the whole country is normally considered a single region. Please observe that the country medals and region medals can not be received in the countries where Turf is not yet available.

Country medals[edit]

In all countries where Turf is officially available, except Iceland, there is an Explorer medal awarded to a turfer that has taken at least one zone in each region of the country. The medal for taking a zone in each of the 21 regions of Sweden is the Sweden Explorer:


Toplist and the Region medal[edit]

A turfer belongs to the region in which he/she has done the most takeovers in the current round. The turfer that accumulates most points in a region in a round receives the Region medal. This applies to all regions where there are at least five turfers active during the current round and he/she also belongs to the region when the round ends.