The region of Bremen in Germany
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Medium coat of arms
CountryGermany Tyskland flagga.png
Number of zones77
Maximum PPH77
Last updated2021-01-22

Bremen, officially the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (German: Freie Hansestadt Bremen), is a region in northwestern Germany. The Region encompasses the bundesland with the same name and has 700 000 inhabitants.

It consists of two separate parts and is almost completely enclosed by the adjacent region Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony).

Flag of Bremen

Geographical overview[edit]


In the region Bremen there are two municipalities with at least one turfzone. They correspond to the bundeslands two cities:

Municipality Zones
Bremen 39
Bremerhaven 38

The list is updated according to the zones that existed on 2021-01-22.


There are 77 turfzones in the regionen, where one is counted as a world heritage site, one water zone, two train station zones, five monument zones, two holy zones, one summit zone and five bridge zones.

Updated: 2021-01-22

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