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2019 (MMXIX) was a normal year that began on a Tuesday in the Gregorian calendar.

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2019-03-15 Turf Version 2.1.0 for Android and v2.1.0 for iOS Version 2.1.0 for Android and v2.1.0 for iOS is released and with this update it is possible for supporters to create your own groups with leaderboards in the game. In addition to this functionality, the update contained a number of different bug fixes and two new zone attributes, ruin and castle
2019-03-21 Turf Version 2.1.1 for Android Version 2.1.1 is released to fix some bugs that crashed the game
2019-03-28 Turf Version 2.1.2 for Android Version 2.1.2 is released and aimed to further correct bugs that crashed the game and other minor tweaks


2019-05-18 Turfs tenth Bonanza - Bonanza:Stockholm 2019 Winner in Bonanza Foot: Raudonvirsis, Winner in Bonanza Bike: MrJokerit
2019-05-25 Turf v2.1.1 for iOS v2.1.1 for iOS released with some bug fixes
2019-05-26 Turf Version 2.1.3 for Android Version 2.1.3 released and aims to further correct bugs that crashed the game and other minor adjustments


2019-06-08 Turf Version 2.1.4 for Android and v2.1.2 for iOS Version 2.1.4 for Android and v2.1.2 for iOS released with translation into German
2019-06-15 Turf v2.1.3 for iOS v2.1.3 for iOS released to resolve a crash that occurs when certain zones are opened


2019-07 Turf is launched in Germany Flag of Germany.png
2019-07-07 During round 108, the 2 million mark was crossed for round points Kygni collected 2 017 567 round points


2019-08-26 Turf v2.1.4 for iOS v2.1.4 for iOS released to resolve that the app sometimes crashes when the chat is opened


2019-09-01 First turfer outside Sweden Sverige flagga.png to take first place in a round The turfer M0112 from Finland Finland flagga.png takes the Gold medal
2019-09-08 Turf Version 2.1.5 for Android Version 2.1.5 released and should resolve freezing that occur occasionally


2019-12-08 Turf Version 2.1.6 for Android and v2.1.5 for iOS Version 2.1.6 for Android and v2.1.5 for iOS released and contains the new medal serie Diverse. Take X number of Round unique zones and get the medals: Diverse Medalj122.png, Diversier Medalj123.png and Diversiest 124.png. The medal Germany Explorer 125.png is also included in this version. Supporter display update: See how many round unique zones you have taken this round so far
2019-12-10 Turf Version 2.1.7 for Android Version 2.1.7 released and should solve a sound problem
2019-12-15 First turfer to take the medal Diversiest 124.png 18:35:11 - MaXi


During the year, 5,562 turf zones were created in 34 countries according to the table below.

Country Zones
Austria Flag of Austria.png 12
Bulgaria Flag of Bulgaria.png 1
China Flag of China.png 8
Czech Republic Flag of the Czech Republic.png 10
Denmark Flag of Denmark.png 45
Estonia Flag of Estonia.png 3
Finland Flag of Finland.png 564
France Flag of France.png 28
Georgia Flag of Georgia.png 3
Germany Flag of Germany.png 1 440
Greece Flag of Greece.png 27
Iceland Flag of Iceland.png 10
India Flag of India.png 2
Iran Flag of Iran.png 2
Italy Flag of Italy.png 5
Japan Flag of Japan.png 39
Latvia Flag of Latvia.png 1
Malta Flag of Malta.png 1
Monaco Flag of Monaco.png 4
Montenegro Flag of Montenegro.png 1
Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands.png 43
Norway Flag of Norway.png 16
Philippines Flag of the Philippines.png 4
Poland Flag of Poland.png 6
Portugal Flag of Portugal.png 5
Russia Flag of Russia.png 6
Senegal Flag of Senegal.png 1
Spain Flag of Spain.png 3
Sri Lanka Flag of Sri Lanka.png 1
Sweden Flag of Sweden.png 3 095
Thailand Flag of Thailand.png 1
Turkey Flag of Turkey.png 2
United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom.png 153
USA Flag of USA.png 20

Source: Urbangeeks

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