Turf Award

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Turf Award Turf Award is awarded to turfers who have made significant or particularly attentive achievements during the previous year or have been involved in an especially noted or spectacular zone takeover. Candidates for awarding the Turf Award are nominated by all turfers who also participate in the final voting to appoint the winners. Turf Award is handed over to the winners by Turf Crew at the yearly Bonanza banquet.

The Turf Awards was introduced 2019 and the first prizes were therefore given for achievements made during 2018.

Award Categories[edit]

The four prize categories are:

Best Turf achievement of the year[edit]

Awarded to the Turfer who, for example, got the most gold medals, monthly medals, has taken the most zones, unique zones, regions or equivalent during the past year.

Turf Star of the Year[edit]

Awarded to the Turfer who started turfing as a newbie during the past year and has made the fastest progress.

Turfer of the Year[edit]

An open category to nominate a Turfer that exceled in an exemplary way without any connections to an individual Turf performance. This award can be given for anything, for example: efforts to spread Turf, marketing, organizing Turf events or a Turfer who has helped and supported others in a special way.

Most Spectacular Zone Takeover of the Year[edit]

Awarded to the Turfer, who has completed one of the most notable or spectacular zone takes in 2019.

Nomination procedure[edit]

In January, all turfers will be given the opportunity to make suggestions on who should be nominated for the Turf Award in the different categories. A nomination proposal must include nickname and a brief motivation based on nomination criteria.

Voting procedure and announcement of winners[edit]

In February, Turf Crew nominates a maximum of five candidates in each category. During March, all turfers will be given the opportunity to vote for which of the nominees who should be awarded the Turf Award in each category.

The voting score determines who will be the winner of Turf Award. During the Bonanzabanquet the winners will be announced. If the prize winner is physically present they will have the opportunity to leave a short comment.

Turf Award 2018[edit]

The prizes were awarded during the Stockholm Bonanza 2019. Here you will find the complete list of nominations for 2018.

Best Turf achievement of the year - Király[edit]

Nominated for his incredible turf performance by having taken 4 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze in 2018 and thereby achieved very high rank in a short time.

The Turf Star of the Year - Ghost63_Ume[edit]

Nominated for taking the first zone in mid-May and then achieving to rank 44 Turf Hero in 2018 and by straight victories climbed from league 10 to league 3.

The Turfer of the Year - SunYour[edit]

Nominated because he has given all Turfers more motivation and goals to reach with their mission spirals and letter rally spread throughout Sweden and Åland.

Most spectacular zone take over of the Year - Florence & Entertainer[edit]

Nominated for have paddled along the far end of the Stockholm archipelago with a definite goal to take the FarEast zone, which is a big achievement and shows turf-related devotion. They also took the FarWest zone during the same round.

Turf Award 2019[edit]

Due to the Covid-19 situation the awards were not awarded at the Örebro Bonanza 2020 that was cancelled. The award ceremony will be held at the Örebro Bonanza 2021 on the 29th of May 2021. Here you will find the complete list of nominations for 2019.

Best Turf achievement of the year - Kygni[edit]

Nominated for being the first and so far only turfer who has taken more than two million points in one round. The fact that he achieved this feat by taking multiple unique and spectacular water and swamp zones makes this accomplishment much more impressive. He was cheered on by fans and spectators who were able to track his progress on "Turf TV" during the last 24h of round 108. (126 of 235 votes = 53,6 %)

The Turf Star of the Year - whitebike[edit]

Nominated for being a newcomer who has taken more than 3 million points and 17,000 zones in one year, allowing for him to advance from from Novice Scout to rank 46 Turf Preacher in 2019 (nominated by crew). (102 of 196 votes = 52,0 %)

The Turfer of the Year - HappyF[edit]

Nominated for providing the excellent and constantly evolving statistics site turf.lundkvist.com. (96 of 220 votes = 43,6 %)

Most spectacular zone take over of the Year - Kygni[edit]

Nominated for taking the difficult zone Kobbezon and for taking the zone Seglaren in December by swimming out only wearing underwear. (75 of 221 votes = 33,9 %)