Bonanza:Västervik 2022

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Turf Bonanza 2022
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OrganizerKalmar Turfförening
CountrySweden Flag of Sweden.png
TriviaTurf's twelfth Bonanza

Turf Bonanza 2022 was Turf's twelth Bonanza that was held on May 21, 2022 in Västervik.

The event area was at Västervik's high school in the southern part of central Västervik.

The responsible organization for the event this time was the turf association Kalmar Turfförening together with local turfers from Västervik.

This was the teaser video for the bonanza:
teaser video

Memory zone: Bonanza2022

Number of participants[edit]

A total of 335 turfers from three countries participated in the Bonanza. Bonanza Foot had 190 participants while Bonanza Bike had 145 participants.


19Ovechkin brings its second value medal with its bronze. The first medal was a silver from Turf Bonanza 2019 in Stockholm.

MrJokerit takes his second gold. He already has one from Turf Bonanza 2019 in Stockholm.


Top-3 places in the walking / running heat were:

Turfer Zone takes Unique zones Distance Points
länk=Bonanza Gold OdKing 118 59 12.8km 2 949
länk=Bonanza Silver mallan92 99 86 12.1km 2 801
länk=Bonanza Bronze 19Ovechkin 129 82 15km 2 731

Top-3 places in the cycling heat were:

Turfer Zone takes Unique zones Distance Points
länk=Bonanza Gold MrJokerit 112 81 20.8km 2 062
länk=Bonanza Silver mrAce 115 100 21.8km 2 039
länk=Bonanza Bronze pancosmic 109 105 20km 2037


Winners of Turf Award's 2021[edit]


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