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2022 (MMXXII) was a normal year that began on a Saturday of the Gregorian calendar.

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2022-01-11 Turf Version 2.1.18 for Android and v2.1.12 for iOS Version 2.1.18 for Android and v2.1.12 for iOS released and contains updates for TurfTeams and new teams-medals. Turf Teams Indy Gold 137.png, Turf Teams Indy Silver 138.png and Turf Teams Indy Bronze 139.png.
2022-01-16 First turfer to reach rank 60 Turfalicious 14:05 - Király had taken 50,000,000 points.
2022-01-17 Turf Version 2.1.19 for Android Version 2.1.19 for Android released and contains updates for TurfTeams.
2022-01-23 First turfer to take the medal Turf Teams Indy Gold 137.png 11:00 - FatRat
2022-01-23 First turfer to take the medal Turf Teams Indy Silver 138.png 11:00 - TurfDanne
2022-01-23 First turfer to take the medal Turf Teams Indy Bronze 139.png 11:00 - Thurs
2022-01-27 100 000 000 zones taken Provokatör (aka Gnutten) made the 100 millionth zone take when he took the zone Domarkullen on 2022-01-27 at 16:18:44 (UTC time).


2022-03-03 First turfer to take the medal Daily-180 131.png 00:02:36 - recycling


2022-05-21 Turfs twelfth Bonanza - Bonanza: Västervik 2022 Winner in Bonanza 2022 Foot: OdKing, Winner in Bonanza 2022 Bike: MrJokerit


2022-06-15 Turf v2.1.13 for iOS v2.1.13 for iOS is released and fixes an issue with GPS precision.


2022-08-07 First turfer to make over 15,000 takes in a round mrAce makes 15,103 takes during round 145


2022-09-04 First turfer to take the medal Daily-365 132.png 00:02:13 - grimric


During the year, 12,180 turf zones were created in 47 countries according to the table below.

Country Zones
Australia Flag of Australia.png 15
Austria Flag of Austria.png 2
Azerbaijan Flag of Azerbaijan.png 1
Bahrain Flag of Bahrain.png 1
Belgium Flag of Belgium.png 4
Brazil Flag of Brazil.png 4
Burkina Faso Flag of Burkina Faso.png 1
Canada Flag of Canada.png 14
Chile Flag of Chile.png 1
China Flag of China.png 3
Denmark Flag of Denmark.png 523
Faroe Islands Flag of the Faroe Islands.png 1
Finland Flag of Finland.png 235
France Flag of France.png 9
Georgia Flag of Georgia.png 2
Germany Flag of Germany.png 1 723
Greece Flag of Greece.png 8
Guernsey Flag of Guernsey.png 19
Hungary Flag of Hungary.png 1
Iceland Flag of Iceland.png 1
Iran Flag of Iran.png 2
Iraq Flag of Iraq.png 1
Ireland Flag of Ireland.png 44
Italy Flag of Italy.png 25
Japan Flag of Japan.png 49
Jordan Flag of Jordan.png 1
Malaysia Flag of Malaysia.png 2
Mexico Flag of Mexico.png 1
Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands.png 108
New Zealand Flag of New Zealand.png 17
Norway Flag of Norway.png 55
Peru Flag of Peru.png 1
Poland Flag of Poland.png 1
Portugal Flag of Portugal.png 16
Russia Flag of Russia.png 3
Slovakia Flag of Slovakia.png 5
Slovenia Flag of Slovenia.png 1
Spain Flag of Spain.png 27
Sweden Flag of Sweden.png 3 312
Switzerland Flag of Switzerland.png 5
Tanzania Flag of Tanzania.png 3
Thailand Flag of Thailand.png 31
Togo Flag of Togo.png 1
Turkey Flag of Turkey.png 1
Ukraine Flag of Ukraine.png 1
United Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom.png 5 713
USA Flag of USA.png 186

Source: Urbangeeks

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