An event is a form of competition in Turf that is played on a special event area under a limited time. All events have their own toplist and own zones that replaces the normal zones within the event area. A Bonanza is an official event that takes place once a year and can be compared to the world championship of Turf.


Open and Closed events[edit]

An even can either be open or closed.

In a closed event all players that wishes to take part needs to inform the organizer beforehand. A closed event is invisible for all players not taking part.

An open event is visible and open for all. You take part in the event by taking a zone in the event area.

24-hours event[edit]

An event that last for 24 hours. There is a medal connected to this event form.

Rules for organizers[edit]

"All who wishes to organize turf events do so by mailing events@turfgame.com. You will then recieve basic info about the event system and principles for zone making etc. Since the beginning of turf this information has always been given for a closed event. As an organizer you will get an account and a few event slots and when these are used up you can apply for more. For organizing an open event there are some mini requirements. 1. An open event must be marketed for all turfers via forum or facebook. Thus it is not possible to run an open event for only association members or a town. 2. At an open event there has to be a place for changing clothes, shower and toilet near the event area. 3. At an open event there must be some form of price table. This information is given to all that wishes to organize an open event." -Masterofturf

Specific event rules[edit]

During an event the following rules applies.

  • Takeover time is 30 seconds
  • Block time is 3 minutes
  • Assist is inactive
  • All zones are worth 10 TP and have 60 PPH (1 point per minute).
  • All points are calculated to a specific toplist
  • All normal zones within the event area are inactive until the events ends. This does not apply for players not taking part in a closed event.