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Ukraine (Ukrainian: Україна) is a country in Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Russia to the north-east; Belarus to the north; Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west; and Romania, Moldova, and the Black Sea to the south. Ukraine is currently in a territorial dispute with Russia over the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014. Including the Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine has an area of 603,628 km2 (233,062 sq mi), making it the largest country located entirely in Europe, and the 46th-largest country in the world. Excluding Crimea, Ukraine has a population of about 42 million, making it the eighth or ninth-most populous country in Europe, and the 32nd-most populous country in the world. Its capital and largest city is Kiev.

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There are eight turfzones in the country all belonging to the same and only region, Ukraine. Four of these are counted as world heritage sites and one as a monument.

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