Bonanza:Stockholm 2019

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Turf Bonanza 2019
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CountrySweden Flag of Sweden.png
PlaceNorra Djurgården (Northern Djurgården), Stockholm
TriviaTurf's tenth Bonanza

Turf Bonanza 2019 was Turf's tenth Bonanza and was organized on May 18, 2019 at Norra Djurgården in Stockholm.

The event area was centrally located in northern Stockholm, in the district of Norra Djurgården (Northern Djurgården) and the surrounding area.

The center of the competition was next to the turf zone Machzone on Brinellvägen 64 in Stockholm - just outside the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

The responsible organization for the event this time was the turf association Turf08.

Memory zone: Bonanza2019

Number of participants[edit]

A total of 379 turfers participated in the Bonanza. Bonanza Foot had 249 participants while Bonanza Bike had 130 participants.


The highest crowdy was measured at 174 players during Bonanza 2019, at 12:47.


Raudonvirsis win in Bonanza Foot meant that female turfers won two straight Bonanza Foot. Dukanintese's win in Bonanza Foot 2018 was the first time a female turfer managed to take a gold in a Bonanza.


Top-3 places in the walking / running heat were:

Turfer Zone Takeovers Unique zones Distance Points
20.png Raudonvirsis 106 93 13.4km 3 103
19.png episode666 99 81 12.8km 2 985
18.png RunOlofRun 96 67 12.2km 2 615

Top-3 places in the cycling heat were:

Turfer Zone Takeovers Unique zones Distance Points
20.png MrJokerit 103 69 21.2km 1 974
19.png eddyueue 103 57 19.5km 1 944
18.png MerCurious 108 92 17.4km 1 872


Winners of Turf Award's 2018[edit]


All photos from Turf08's website news archive.

Link to Turf08's dropbox page for more pictures and also videos from the Bonanza

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