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White, red, and yellow zones in the Map View.

A zone represents an area of the real world, generally around 25x25 meters, which you can see in the Turf application. Players can take over zones by, in the real world, stepping into them with Turf and their GPS turned on.


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By taking over a zone the player instantly receives some takeover points, as well as points per hour (PPH). The player will receive PPH until the zone is taken by another player.

Zone Types[edit]


A zone can be different colours at different times.

     Neutral        Somebody else's       Yours        Selected   
  • Neutral - The zone has not yet been taken over this round and thus has no owner. Players receive a neutral bonus by taking over neutral zones.
  • Somebody else's - The zone is owned by somebody that is not you. You can take over this zone unless blocked.
  • Yours - The zone is yours and generating PPH.
  • Selected - The zone is currently selected on the map.

A zone that glows bright green or light red, you or someone else can do a revisit on.

Neutral zone[edit]

Neutral zones are zones that were never taken during the current round. They are characterized by their yellow color in the game. A turfer that takes a neutral zone gets a neutral bonus of 50 points. If you take 20 neutral zones within 5 hours, you get the medal Neutralizer.

Unique zone[edit]

Unique zones are the zones that a player taken at least once. Unique zones are displayed by the Menu unique.png button in the menu.

Round unique zone[edit]

Round unique zones are zones that a player has taken at least once during a round.

Blocked zone[edit]

After taking over a zone it will enter a cooldown period where it cannot be taken over; it is blocked.
The length of the block time depends on variables such as the taker's rank.


All game zones are placed by zone makers in Turf Crew. However, all players can request new zones through the app, but it is the zone makers who decides where and when zones appear. They look a lot at statistics to see when areas need new zones.

The zones are usually adapted to the surroundings, to fit in better and provide a good GPS signal.

Report issues with zones[edit]

If you find that a zone has issues, e.g. that the name is spelled incorrectly or that the zone is placed at a bad location, this may be reported at the issue web.

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