Guide:List of Symbols

List of Symbols lists all symbols in Turf and their meaning.

Game Icons[edit]

Icon Name Description
User.png Player Icon Player icon when moving or stationary.
User enemy.png Player Icon -
Other Player
Player icon for players other than yourself.
Supporter.png Player Icon -
Players who have bought Supporter days in the game and hence unlocked extra cosmetic Wardrobe upgrades.
Supporter white.png Player icon -
Supporter white
Players who have bought Supporter days in the game and have played for one year or more. Also have access to cosmetic upgrades, check Wardrobe.
User assist.png Player Icon -
Player Icon when a assist have been done.
User takeover.png Player Icon -
Player Icon when a takeover have been done.
User regionlord.png Player Icon -
Region Lord
Players who currently own the most zones in the region and have been crowned Region Lord.
Zone-Green.png Owned Zone Zone that you own but cannot make revisit on yet. Will continuously give you points per hour.
Zone-Green-blocked.png Owned zone - Blocked Indicates that you own a zone to were you have applied block time.
Zone-Green-revisitable.png Owned zone - available for a revisit Indicates that a zone you own is open for a revisit.
Zone-Yellow.png Neutral Zone This zone is neutral.
Zone-Red.png Other players zone Zone is owned by another player.
Zone-Red-blocked.png Other players zone - blocked Zone that have been blocked by another player.
Zone-Red-revisitable.png Other players zone - open for revisit Indicates that a zone owned by an other player is open for revisit.
Zone-Highlighted.png Marked zone Indicates that the zone is highlighted / selected, for example when unique zones are displayed or if you tap a zone.
Sign yellow.png Notification - Yellow Indicates that a zone has recently been taken and is blocked.
Sign red.png Notification - Red Indicates that a zone you have owned have been taken by another player.
Sign green.png Notification - New zone Notification icon indicating that a zone has been added.
Sign event.png Notification - Event Notification icon indicating that new zones have appeared for an event.

Zone Attribute Symbols[edit]

See main article: Zones

Icon Name
Zontyp01.png World Heritage Sites
Zontyp02.png Winner zones
Zontyp03.png Water zones
Zontyp04.png Trainstation zones
Zontyp05.png Nationalpark zone
Zontyp06.png Monument zone
Zontyp07.png Holy zones
Zontyp08.png Summit zones
Zontyp09.png Bridge zones
Zontyp10.png Castle zones
Zontyp11.png Ruins

Menu icons[edit]

Icon Name Description
Menu exit.png End game Shuts the game down.
Menu help.png Help Leads to the help section.
Menu search.png Search Search function where you can search for usernames and zone names. Through this function you can get other players' game profiles and information about specific zones.
Menu event.png Event Event- and round calender. Lists coming dates for open events, closed events that you have signed up for and new rounds.
Menu suggest.png Zone suggestion You can make zone suggestions with this tool.
Menu supporter.png Supporter Menu icon that becomes available when you buy / receive supporter days and thus become a supporter. Here you will find, among other things, wardrobe and extended statistics.
Menu supporter inactive.png Supporter (inactive) Menu icon that indicates that you do not have any supporter days left. You can buy supporter days through this button and thus turn it on (see above).
Menu userinfo.png Player info Shows your player profile where you can see your rank rank, your round points, owned zones and medals etc.
Menu settings.png Settings Opens the game settings. Here you can also change your username.
Menu unique.png Unique zones Shows all your unique zones (zones you have taken at least once) on the map.
Menu toplist.png Top lists Displays all toplists you are part of. Here you can also see your group in the League, or all groups and divisions in the series game if you are a supporter.
Menu chat.png Chat Opens all the chat channels you are in. Press and hold on a username to open their player profile. Tap a username to send a direct message to the player.
Menu menu chat new to me.png Chat notification Indicates that you have received a new instant message.
Menu chat notify.png Chat notification Same as above but replaces the chat symbol.
Menu.png Menu Menu symbol. Open/closes the menu.
Menu sub.png Menu-sub Acts as a temporary menu symbol for the submenus when the main menu is opened.
Menu verify.png Verify user Symbol displayed until you have verified your user account.