Kalmar Turfförening

Kalmar Turfförening
(Kalmar Turf Association)
Kalmar Turfförening.png
Kalmar Turfförening's logotype
TypeTurf association
IntroducedOctober 27, 2013
TriviaSweden's oldest Turf association

Kalmar Turfförening (Kalmar Turf Association) is a turf association that was formed at a constituent annual meeting in Kalmar on October 27, 2013. The members consist of turfers who move in and around the Kalmar region. According to it's own statement, it is the first Turf association in Sweden.

The association's goal is to develop the sport by organizing events and After Turf for the members.

Famous members

Kalmar region[edit]

See the article about the Kalmar region for more information.

Kalmar is a very active turf city, with several players who have made it to the absolute top of Sweden. The most famous names are kingenin, sune, GW007, Calmare1, Demon and Fredrick.

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