The region of Friesland in the Netherlands
Friesland vapen.png
Friesland's provincial coat of arms
Number of zones100
Maximum PPH100
Last updated2020-12-19

Friesland is one of twelve regions in the Netherlands. The region includes the province of the same name and has about 650 000 inhabitants.

The largest city is the provincial capital Leeuwarden. Other major cities are Drachten, Sneek and Heerenveen.

Adjacent regions are Groningen and Drenthe in the east and Overijssel and Flevoland in the south. In addition, the region has a fixed link with the region Noord-Holland (North Holland) in the southwest.

Flag of Friesland

Geographical division[edit]


In Friesland there are 13 municipalities with at least one turf zone:

Municipality Zones
Almeland 2
De Friese Meren 1
Dongeradeel 11
Harlingen 11
Heerenveen 13
Leeuwarden 23
Ooststellingwerf 1
Schiermonnikoog 1
Smallingerland 17
Súdwest Fryslân 17
Tytsjerksteradiel 1
Vlieland 1
Weststellingwerf 1


There are 100 turf zones in the region, one of which is counted as World heritage site, one Water zone, one Train station zone, three National park zones, one Holy zone, one Summit zone and seven Bridge zones.

Updated: 2020-12-19

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