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Lombard Zone
LocationSan Francisco , California, United States
Surfaceasphalt on the roadway and the concrete on the sidewalk.
TriviaOnly three turfare has ever taken this zone ( 2014-01-12 ) .
Zone Lombard Zone at


The zone is located in the steepest part of the classic Lombard Street , the world's most curvy road. One need not go out on the road but it is possible to stand on the sidewalk and take zone.


  • On foot : Start turf , search for " Lombard Zone " , walking off into the zone ;-).
  • By Bike : probably the easiest to ride to Fisherman's wharf and then Leavenworth street until you reach Lombard street 6 blocks south. The zone is then up to the right.
  • By public transport : Take a cable car to the station above the crookedest part of Lombard street , stop called " Hyde Street & Lombard Street ."
  • By Car: Enter the Hyde street in GPS and a run to the junction with Lombard street , turn down the crooked part. If you are lucky it goes slow and you can take zone from the car, otherwise you may park and walkturf .


Stay a while and see all the tourists trying to take good pictures of this crooked street .


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