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Running Turf costs a lot of money. Thanks to generous donations, we can continue to perform the several thousand takeovers happening each day. Turf rent servers and sometimes we need to improve the capacity. At more than one occation there's been a surge of users downloading and trying out Turf because of media attention but thanks to player donations the requirments has been met and Turf kept free from various unwanted options to finance the system.
Please keep supporting Turf.

Via the website and get a medal[edit]

Use this image link in order to donate directly on the website, and get a medal as a reward.



These medals are awarded to donors:

medal9.png medal44.png medal43.png
Donation Hero Donation Angel Donation God


There's three different supporter options:

  • 1 month — 29 SEK (~£2.7)
  • 3 months — 79 SEK (~£7.5)
  • 12 months — 299 SEK (~£28)

Players using the supporter option has a lightningbolt on their Turfman representation as seen below.
Supporters can access their statistics from within the game.
More perks to be available in the future.
Instructions here: