Pro mode

Pro mode is no longer available in the Turf app!

Comes with Android version 0.6[edit]

Pro mode was added to Turf with version 0.6, 17 May 2011. It was needed since the satellite maps requires a lot of mobile data to download.
With pro-mode there is no map, but only a black background along with the zones locations.

Screenshot of Pro mode[edit]

Pro mode (screenshot from Version 0.9.6)

Disappeared with Android version (1.0.0)[edit]

Pro mode disappeared with the first version of "Supporters only" Beta version Version which was released 2015-02-18. Version 1.0.0 was released 2015-10-18 and was the first public version where Pro mode was removed.

Map Cache replaces Pro mode[edit]

To reduce data traffic and to some extent save battery, there is instead map cache.