Wiki Expandator

Wiki Expandator.

Wiki Expandator is a medal that is worn with great honor by the turfer who has contributed with at least 400 edits. The medal is awarded manually, like the other Expandator medals, you will find a guide for applying below.

This medal can only be recieved once.


Make 400 edits on the TurfWiki. To see the number of edits you have made click this link Preferences. Here you will see all your edits summed up for your account.

Anonymous edits[edit]

It is difficult to connect anonymous edits to a particular account, since this have to be done manually. It is therefore recommended that you create an account on the wiki, if you are striving for the Wiki Expandator medal. Then all your edits will be collected under your name.


The application for Wiki Expandator is done on Turf Game Issue Tracking. Click "login" on the page and then "Report" > "Medal claims & Missing medals", fill the form and click send.

Extra Wiki Medals[edit]

There are some Unoffical medals made for the Wiki with no connection to the game made by Skogstoken in game (PaltN). These were made to give some extra motivation when working on the wiki even if they are just symbolic.


Besides the medal you will have PaltNs eternal gratitude and appreciation for your work, what medal can compare with that?