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|name = MariaZone
|image = [[Image: Zon MariaZone-01.jpg|350px]]
|imagetext = View from the zone. Photo: [[User: Vortex|Vortex]]
|symbol = [[File: Zontyp02.png|60px]]
|symboltext = [[Winner zone]]
|difficulty = [[File: Difficulty1.png|90px]]
|location = [[Municipality: Trondheim|Trondheim]], [[Region: Trøndelag|Trøndelag]], [[Country: Norway|Norway]]
|surface = [[Asphalt]], [[Wood]], [[Water]]
|created = 2013-02-04
|trivia = [[User: Tacos|Tacos']] [[winner zone]] in [[Country: Norway|Norway]] [[round 31]].

'''MariaZone''' is a [[turf zone]] in the [[municipality]] of [[Municipality: Trondheim|Trondheim]] in the [[region]] of [[Region: Trøndelag|Trøndelag]] in [[Country: Norway|Norway]] and is counted as a [[winner zone]].

== Placment ==
This [[winner zone]] is located on the [[bridge]] Old Town Bridge (Norwegian: ''Gamle Bybro'') over [ Nidelva], from the southern end of Kjøpmannsgata to [ Bakklandet], in central [[Trondheim]].

== Nearby zones ==
* [[Zone: UpperMillZone|UpperMillZone]] (to the northeast)
* [[Zone: Fortification|Fortification]] [[File: Zontyp10.png|18px]] (to the east)
* [[Zone: KrisRockHill|KrisRockHill]] (to the southeast)
* [[Zone: Marinen|Marinen]] (to the south-southwest)
* [[Zone: NidaroZone|NidaroZone]] [[File: Zontyp07.png|18px]] (to the southwest)
* [[Zone: TrondSquare|TrondSquare]] [[File: Zontyp06.png|18px]] (to the northwest)
* [[Zone: BlowTheHorn|BlowTheHorn]] [[File: Zontyp07.png|18px]] (to the north-northwest)

== External links ==
* [ MariaZone (Warded)]
* [ Old Town Bridge (Wikipedia)]

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