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Latest medal, Diverse
Active inBorås, Västra Götaland, Sweden
Way of transportationBicycle, Car with the bicycle on the back
OtherTaken 10 FTT in one day
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Gor started with turf in the spring 2016. My daughter showed me turf. She had been doing it for a while and I was stuck pretty promptly. (Unfortunately, she has stopped turfing now.)

In the first year, only walking turf applied. Hence my nick and that my name is Göran. In the spring 2017 I started to feel that it was too slow to turf on foot so I got my first turf bike. A Giant Talon 27.5 ”. In the autumn of 2017, it had to be a winter bike because it was quite worn and I had to replace everything in the drive path twice and brake pads and disc front. Unfortunately, I fell ill in the same crank and had to put all the turf on the shelf until the spring 2019. Then it became a new bike and full speed on the tour again. This time it was a fully damped Merida, One-Twenty 29 ”.


Item Equipment
Summer bike: Merida One-Twenty 29 ”2019
Winter bike: Giant Talon 27.5 ”2017
Cellphone: Sony Xperia Z5 2015 replaced with a Sony Xperia 5 2019


Taken all zones in the following municipalities[edit]



Gothenburg Turf Open 2019, Gothenburg

Tagged zones (unique takes)[edit]

Symbol Name Unique takes
Zontyp01.png World Heritage Site 1
Zontyp02.png Winner zone 2
Zontyp03.png Water zone 0
Zontyp04.png Trainstation zone 32
Zontyp05.png Nationalpark zone 0
Zontyp06.png Monument zone 22
Zontyp07.png Holy zone 148
Zontyp08.png Summit zone 1
Zontyp09.png Bridge zone 93
Zontyp10.png Castle zone 7
Zontyp11.png Ruin zone 14

Countries and regions[edit]


Regions in Sweden[edit]

Regions in Denmark[edit]


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