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A player who has performed a takeover.

A takeover, is a form of take and a game element in Turf that has been in the game since the first stages of development. A takeover can be seen as a change of ownership of a zone which yields the new owner of the zone points. A takeover can be performed by only one player per take of a zone, regardless of whether more players are present or not. If several players are present during a takeover, all players but the player who fills their takeover time first, perform an assist, or assisted take. A key characteristic of a takeover that differs from the other types of takes, is that the zone turns green for the player who did the takeover.


Zone takeovers give the largest amount of points per take of all the zone takeovers, taking into account the time aspect that block time entails. The minimum number of points that a zone takeover can give is the whole take points for the zone plus points per hour for the entire block time and takeover time for the player who takes over the zone afterwards. This means that zone takeovers that give at least a little more points than assists per take, regardless of the circumstances.