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This guide is intended to show the basics of the game and some useful features.


Quick start guideEdit

  1. Install the app following the instructions and launch it.
  2. Turf will ask you whether or not you would like to turn on the GPS on the phone. Press 'OK' if you are planning to take a turf zone otherwise press 'cancel' and take a look around the app.
  3. If you activated the GPS a green man will appear somewhere on the map on your location determined by the GPS.
  4. Tap the man in the lower left corner. The map should now center on your position. See if there are any zones nearby.
  5. In order to take any nearby zones you will have to move physically into their location.
  6. When you enter the zone a green bar will appear at the left of the screen. You are now taking the zone! In about 45 seconds the bar should have reached the top. Congratulations, you have just taken your first zone! The zone has now turned green indicating that it belongs to you. You have been rewarded with a certain amount of points and you will furthermore receive between 1 and 9 point every hour as long as the zone is still yours.
  7. You can now continue to the next zone closest to your location. Red zones belong to other players and yellow zones are neutral.
  8. You might see red men on the map as well as yourself. They represent other turfers playing the game and they can see your location as well.

How to play?Edit

- You take red and yellow zones, you go to them with your phone and stand in one zone for 45 seconds, then you will get points for as long as you own a zone.

You should now have a basic understanding of Turf and how it works. If you would like to you can dig deeper into the game by clicking on the links below.

Start GPSEdit

Where is the nearest zone?

Start the GPS by pressing and holding the "man" icon in the lower left of the screen. Now you will turn up in the game, you are the green man, all your opponents are red. To center the screen, press the "man" icon in the lower left of the screen again, but for a shorter period of time. You turn off the GPS the same way you turned it on.

In this case we are a bit unlucky, we are in the middle of nowhere and no zones appear on the screen. With the two buttons in the bottom of the screen we can zoom in and out. Here it would be useful to zoom out to find a suitable zone to take.

Take a ZoneEdit

Here is a zone Enter the zone Wait... Zone taken Now it is mine Look it is blocked

Go to a zone. Enter the zone. A voice will say "taking zone" and a meter will show the progress of taking the zone. Once the meter has ticked up the zone is yours. Yellow zones are unowned. Green zones are your zones. Red zones belongs to someone else.

Take more ZonesEdit

Paint the town green

One zone will only give you a few points. Take more zones to earn more points. And to take more zones is also more or less the point of the game. So just go out there and leave a trail of green.

Watch out the zone may be blocked

But watch out there are other turfers out there and the zone may be blocked.

Turfer with region lord crown

If you manage to hold more zones than any other player in your region, you will be rewarded with a regionlord crown.


Medal granted Wonder how it looks

But the game is not just about earning points. Certain achievements can give you medals.

Am I still a novice?

Level up. The more points you have collected the higher rank you'll get.

Who is the best turfer in the neighbourhood

If you like you can compete with your friends or maybe see if you can make it to the top in your region.

statistics... More statistics...

View your statistics... (use the menu in the lower right of the screen). The statistics in the second screen can be obtained for fellow turfers as well. Just click on them or click on a zone that they own.

In the third party product Warded there is even more statistics.

Pro ModeEdit

Normal Mode Pro Mode

Once you know all the zones in your neighbourhood by heart, you can use pro mode to reduce the amount of data to transfer. Or maybe you just like the cleaner look. Or maybe just to show off. (Use the grid in the menu.)

This feature was removed in version 1.0.

Suggest ZonesEdit

I would like to have a zone here

I would like to have a zone here... (Use the lightbulb in the menu.)


Hello world!

Talk to friends and foes. (Use the speech bubble in the menu.)

Round StartEdit

Countdown... A fresh start

Start all over... (For more information, see Round)


Getting lonely?

A bonanza is a more intense form of turf. Just two hours, and a lot of competitors nearby.