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LocationKimitoön, Lounais-Suomi, Finland
Created2016-08-30 10:03:36
Bengtskär at

Bengtskär is a turfzone in the city of Kimitoön in the region of Lounais-Suomi in Finland.


The zone is placed one the Skerry of Bengskär, 25 kilometres (16 mi) southwest of Hanko.

The shortest and most sheltered route goes through the beautiful Hitis archipelago. On a tour boat, the trip from Kasnäs to the lighthouse takes about one hour. The address of the harbour in Kasnäs is Kasnäsintie 1289, Kemiönsaari.

The boats departing from Hanko leave from the Eastern Harbour. The nearest address is Satamakatu 4 from there it´s about 200 meters to the dock.


The Bengtskär Lighthouse on the skerry is the highest one in the Nordic countries, with a tower height of (46 m or 151 ft). The lighthouse is owned by the Foundation of the University of Turku. Annually the island attracts over 13,000 tourists.

On 26 July 1941, during the Continuation War Soviet troops attempted to capture and blow up the lighthouse (the battle of Bengtskär), but the Finnish garrison managed to repel the attack. The lighthouse was not destroyed but damaged

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